Chapter 1: Mad Maiden and the Innocent Thief

1- On the rooftops
2- Generally displeased
3- He's done this before
4- They both have odd luck
5- Master of negotiation
6- Stop interrupting yourself
7- Big ol' gun
8- Grumpy, but frugal
9- A very selective conscience
10-Talking to yourselves
11-Like a light

Chapter 2: Veil Falls Away

1- Of poetry and pancakes
2- Personal history
3- Stress transfer
4- Change gears like a bicycle
5- That's just unfortunate
6- Conflict likes him
7- Problem-solving for crazy people
8- Thuck. Bam, pang
9- Little Biters
10-Enough of that
11-Not that easy
12-She's magic
13-Hey, who cried havoc
14-Yeah, I'd hesitate
15-Should be interesting
16-Hunting a black cat
17-Oh, him

Chapter 3: A Memory

1- You remember a nickname like that
2- Yeah, great, hi
3- Food and friends. And food
4- Sitting around in the dark
5- Buncha weirdos
6- Yeah, ditch her again
7- Starting to get it

Chapter 4: Orchid Peeling

1- Precautions
2- Get ready
3- ADD killed the cat
4- Time to fight
5- A long time coming

Chapter 5: Hit and Run

1- Benefit of the Doubt
2- No Foolin'
3- Sleepy 'n Creepy
4- Business Lunch.
5- Business of Givin' You the Business
6- Everybody Contemplatin'
7- Go go gogogo
8- Intrigue!

Chapter 6: The Doubting Protector of Kings

1- Yaaay Parade
2- Yeah, they're good knights
3- Innocent smile
4- The Shepherd

Chapter 7: Dreams We Lived

1- Red Wire
2- Grey Hands
3- Ghostly Jester
4- Red Devil
5- Should we be running
6- What, it was only like, five chapters ago
7- A fine how-do-ya-do
8- Just a quick run-down
9- Preparations
11-Oh. Well that's probably what he meant
12-What a silly suggestion
13-You keep splitting the party
14-Whose feet?
15-Starting shit
16-Begrudging hero
17-You ain't so bad
18-People don't trust folks with horns
19-Run, just run
20-And it's not that way
21-Don't slow me down with your 'reason'
22-Should probably be more fazed
23-Bad judgement
24-Exit strategy
25-Cry for help
27-Wake up
28-Fight Through It
30-Stay on the Offensive
31-Kill It
32-Bring It Down
34-Always Fashionable
35-She's got this. She's got this!
36-She got it.
38-Wake Up Again
40-Use your words
41-Also it's ugly and it smells bad
42-Gure! Rude!
43-Next time loot some plates
45-She's so cut up
46-Well that won't help. Little-Miss-Breaks-Everything

Chapter 8: Stage Is Set

1- Her head hurts, be nice, shut up
2- What's not to trust
3- Fluent
4- Machination
5- His Knightly Duties
6- Try to hold the gun straight
7- Spectacle
8- He's calling the idiot police
9- A-Yeeesh
10- Turns out overly caring bartender is the real main character, hope
       you like the turn the story is going to take

11- He made a point of it
12- Convalescence
13- I mean Bea. Gee? What the Eych was his name
14- Unsolicited generosity... What's his angle
15- A name, and a scent
16- A man and a specter
17- A Man... no, a Devil

Chapter 9: You Seem Kind of Different

1- Title
2- A good plan
3- Stop giving people wads
4- Nutrition, Expedition
5- In a flattering mood
6- Can't sleep
7- Stepping out
8- Questions and questions
9- Control
10- Bad memories
11- No one to save you this time
12- Stand
13- Both of them
14- Stunned
15- Monsters
16- Pulled back
17- Pulling weight
18- Cultivation
19- Reminisce
20- Breakfast don't wait
21- She sees
22- Death stare
23- Important mission
24- But what kind of sandwich though
25- He's definitely probably not
26- Ah, the ol' chugandchum
27- Baffling bonding
28- Second choice was a cartoon dog with icing Xs over its eyes
29- With friends like these who needs a circus

Chapter 10: The Devils' Children

1- Title
2- Old dreams
3- Remember when we weekend at Bernies'd our friend onto a cruise
4- Game plan
5- My name is Gure though
6- Storytime and juice
7- She bought snacks
8- Mark booper
9- Demon and Human
10- Sniff sniff
11- Noggin nuisance
12- Questions to ask your friends
13- Givin 'er the berries
14- Get up
15- Nap well
16- Push this
17- The rhyming ones
18- Good guys
19- Be sure
20- Dead trees

Chapter 11: Yeah, I Feel You

1- Title
2- Don't monologue at me
3- Furnish Him
4- Innocence burn
5- You don't
6- Drunks on a ferry 'cause she dranks her berries
7- Srs
8- You can do this
9- Surely no tricks occuring here
10- Lettuce talk in private, Kale
11- It only makes sense
12- That chill
13- We were alone
14- You're not alone
15- If you ever
16- These guys again
17- Night sausages and other Spooky Victuals
18- Soliloquit it
19- Just let her talk
20- Beyond reproach

Chapter 12: The Martyr Gambit

1- Title
2- He has places to be
3- The big man go to see the bigger man
4- Garen.
5- Get it together Nathan.
6- Ceremony
7- Who could blame him
8- Household name
9- Scrutiny
10- Just a maniac
11- Formal thanks

Will Muzzi 2011-15